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Bearing, in fact, is all around us, and the amount of amazing. A car, for example, generally want to use a car 100 to 150 bearing, without bearings, the wheels would giggle sounds, transmission gears not meshing, cars will not be driving.
 Not only cars, railway vehicles, aircraft, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, photocopiers, computers, and even flying in the distant satellites in space, and have bearing on the scene. Bearing in improving operating efficiency and energy-saving machinery has played an important role. Unfortunately, due to the internal bearings in the machine running silently, we rarely have the opportunity to directly see the true face of the bearing. But the bearings do is to maintain the efficacy of mechanical stability played an important part.

 Bearing in English is "Bearing", "Bear" has support, bear the meaning. In Japanese, the bearing was writing "axis by"This is because the bearings are used to support rotating shaft, which take "supporting rotation axis"means.

 Bearing basic function is to "reduce mechanical friction. " Reduce the friction has three advantages, namely,

 1. to improve the efficiency of mechanical work.
 2. to extend the service life of machinery.
 3. to prevent the bite stick to reduce the mechanical failure.
 4. bearings to reduce friction, improve transmission efficiency, is conducive to energy conservation. This is often said that "bearing green " reasons.