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 Terms of Use
1. This website is operated by GuangZhou BaSong Bearing Co; Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "BaSong Company") or its agent responsible for the operation.
 2. Use of this site, please read the following terms of use, agree to these conditions before use, site content Copyright owned BaSong company.
 3. In addition, BaSong companies will sometimes modify these conditions of use. At that time, please read the website of the changed set version to confirm the latest content.
 In addition, the site also links to BaSong Company and its affiliated companies operating in the other sites. When using these sites, these sites also need to agree to the conditions of use posted on each, please note.
 4. The information contained on this website by national copyright laws, treaties and other laws of protection. Song without the prior written permission of the eight cases, the law prohibiting unauthorized use and beyond the scope of the express use of the information (such as: copy, modify, upload, post, transmit, promulgated, licensing, marketing, publishing, etc.) .
 5. This site provides the software, the software related rights work. Provide a variety of software, follow the right people made the requirements of the software license contract, copyright laws, treaties and other legal requirements related to use.

On the Prohibition
Use of this site, prohibits the following acts:
 1. criminal behavior and the behavior associated with crime, or there may be the behavior of these behaviors.
 2. Login E-mail to others such as reporting and registration of false behavior.
 3. use and the provision of computer viruses and other harmful behavior of the program, or there may be the behavior of these behaviors.
 4. violate laws, decrees and regulations of the act, or there may be the behavior of these behaviors.
 5. the other eight companies identified by Chung inappropriate behavior.

1. BaSong company information on this web site, the maximum extent possible in every area of ​​rigorous and careful. However, the information on the accuracy, usefulness, certainty, security (for example: function does not interrupt, do not mistake this site and the server does not exist computer viruses and other harmful substances, etc.) and whether the user's purpose , and so on, BaSong companies can not make guarantees. In addition, the information you use or not use the information, or that result from the use of this site damage, BaSong not take any responsibility for the company.
2. BaSong companies sometimes the case without notice to the information on the site change, addition, it may interrupt or suspend the operation site, please understand. And, for whatever reason, as information changes and interruption or suspension of operation of the site and bring you for any loss, BaSong companies are not responsible.


About Links Site
The site or sites linked to this BaSong third party sites outside the company (the "Linked Sites") content, respectively, managed by the company, not by BaSong unified management of the company. Use of linked sites, please follow the link website users posted on the conditions of use. On the content of linked sites, as well as the use of these sites and users suffer, BaSong not responsible for the company.
 In addition, links to other sites on this website, this fact does not mean BaSong Company proposes to recommend the use of the linked sites and links to Websites of goods, services, companies, and that does not mean that companies and links to sites BaSong Cooperation between the special relationship.