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1. May I ask by what means can buy bearings?
  Hello, you can message through the website or contact us by phone asking if you want the bearing model. You can also right through the website online communication tools, online customer service contact us.

2.Under the order, how to pay?
  Staff and are you sure after ordering, you can bank transfer payment account to play.

3.What is the biggest advantage BaSong?
  Guangzhou is the largest distributor bearing BaSong - BaSong - to bring the best bearing for the enterprise product quality, relying on the eight-song company, unique way of trading network platform, customers of the purchase of flexible control and communication, the product can be clearly understood that Easy peddler change shopkeeper, with less time to learn more about bearings.

6.BaSong offer contract for purchase?
  All through the purchase of our bearing products, purchase and sales contracts are all available.